Fornelia Flyer

Fornelia Ltd is an R&D company registered in Cyprus having the Fornelia trademark registered in Cyprus. The major shareholder of the company has been engaged in the area of solar R&D for more than 20 years.

Solar energy comes to us in many forms, and we intend to harness it for the benefit of mankind. We have already been successful in launching Solar Cooker and Solar kebab. The number of users of solid cooking fuels in inefficient traditional stoves has remained almost the same globally for the last 3 decades, and promotion of a rather simple product that has a better efficiency like an Improved Cooking stove has been a challenge for the world. Besides the health problem emanating from household air pollution, perennial use of traditional fuels like firewood, cattle dung and agro- waste burnt in traditional stoves also result drudgery, mainly for women and children, as well as deforestation and climate change. There are three billion fellow human beings who cook exclusively with wood, charcoal or dried dung. Even the poorest of these can afford to purchase a Fornelia oven with some form of subsidy from the state or other aid organisation. We are the first to achieve an ideal ratio of heat storage at an affordable price thus enabling users to cook their meals at night as well as during day time.

The Fornelia oven is also targeted towards people that use gas for cooking as it is a cost saver, especially in less developed countries where the cost of cooking with gas is a significant part of the family budget.

The capital cost of the oven is recoverable in less than 2 years. Below are few characteristics of our cooker:


Fornelia Flyer